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Tue Apr 21 09:40:31 UTC 2009

> If this develops into a 'gun enthusiast' thread it will be terminated.  :)
> But in reply to your query, you have to include the cost of ammunition.
> Current rounds cost roughly 1USD per shot.
> Shooting can quickly become an expensive hobby.
> (Especially if you like machine guns).
> In theory, shooting 1 million rounds in a minute sounds impressive,
> but only the military would spend money like that. And even they would
> only use it for very specific requirements. To me. it sounds like
> overkill for a burglar situation.  ;)

No. Right now metalstorm rounds costs a lot. But any MS round after
will be cheaper than a copper shelled one.

No. Metalstorm automatic weapons will be just as illegal as normal automatic
But metalstorm weapons with a 20-round pipe will be easily hacked from
single shot
into full auto (qf "hellstorm triggers") - plus a metalstorm device with an
trigger **should**  be cheaper than one with a mechanical, errorprone,
keeping ycling trigger. Not to mention regular cleaning hassle.

So... considering these trivialities, what are the longterm trends?
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