[ExI] the next big thing

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Apr 23 04:15:32 UTC 2009

Dan wrote:

 > [Mirco wrote]
>> The BodyBug and other similar devices (like the Fitbit)
>> satisfy another need / want of the people: awareness of
>> their body conditions and feedback. A continuous feedback
>> beat a sporadic feedback in usefulness.
> A lot of monitoring can be done now.  I wonder
 > if there are many healthy people out there who
> opt for some sort of frequent or even continuous 
 > body monitoring.

Oh, yes, there is quite a group, at least
here in northern California. It's led by
Kevin Kelly (of "Out of Control" fame).


> (Certainly, a lot of life extensionists do routine 
> blood testing that goes beyond just checking 
> cholesterol levels.)  It's be interesting because 
 > of the data that could be gained from a a decent
 > population of such people.

I haven't been to enough of their meetings to
understand if they're pooling their data.


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