[ExI] Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery

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Sun Apr 26 21:01:04 UTC 2009


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> 4,000-Year-Old Mystery
> On 4/26/09, spike wrote:
> > ...How many of you out there think 
> > this 46/46/46/46 is a  coincidence?  Any idea how to 
> guesstimate the probability?
> >
> Here's the clincher...25 years before 
> Shakespeare was born. The coincidences are more astonishing 
> when one learns that the wording of Psalm 46 is not the same 
> in the two translations!... BillK

Indeed!  So the writers of the bible were so inspired that they wrote those
Psalms in manner most prophetic, forseeing that an English writer would be
born in the near future who would do magic with the language, wording the
original Hebrew songs in such a way that centuries later, translators would
honor the yet-to-be-born writer.  Magnificent and mysterious are the ways of


Thanks BillK.  Anyway, it makes for a good story.

And gives me an idea: I don't know who discovered the 46/46/46/46
coincidence, or how the hell she did it, but I do know it predates computers
for I heard of it during my misspent youth.  Did she have absolutely NOTHING
to do, for years at at time?  With the free downloadable word files of the
bible, and Shakespeare for that matter, and a little skill in writing macro
scripts, we could set idle computers to finding stuff kinda like this 46
phenom.  The script I have in mind would look for certain key words that we
can be certain the ancients wrote intentionally, to warn us of the horrors
to come.

For instance if we take the last five words of Exodus 3 verse 3 and append
the last 11 words of that same chapter, we get the stunning message "Bush
does not burn up...your sons and daughters.  And so you will plunder the
Egyptians!"  Could it be MERE COINCIDENCE that the very same chapter (verse
8) mentions Jebusites, and 11 minus 8 equals 3?  Get it, Floridians?  JEB
usites?  Watch out Mubarek, Jeb Bush is planning to plunder your asses, even
as you attempt to flee using that odd looking sideways-feet-sideways-hand
thing you Egyptians like to do when fleeing from non-burned up sons and

We could uncover any number of such remarkable truths using the complete
bible word file and a few thousand otherwise idle computers.



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