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spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Apr 27 02:29:04 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [ExI] Union of Concerned Scientists
> I have a question for everyone: Actually, first, a 
> pre-question: Are you familiar with the Union of Concerned 
> Scientists? (If you've read much by Julian Simon or Petr 
> Beckmann you've probably heard a
> little.) If so, how objective do you think they are, and do 
> you see a pattern shaped by any particular attitude toward 
> advancing technology or by a political agenda... Max

Max, my own reading is that they jump straight to a particular solution
before all the data is in.  I can't find anything on their site about the
possible cooling effects of increased high cirrus clouds for instance,
nothing about the alarming shortage of sun spots, and what do we do if we
measure average cooling.  Since UCS already decided that increased CO2 leads
to global warming, then if some other effect comes along and starts global
cooling, do we then burn coal like hell trying to compensate?  Do we
subsidize oil?  To me this is one of the biggest questions we face if we
decide the humans are impacting the global temperature.  UCS sidesteps that
question altogether.  I see far too much idea fixation on reducing CO2
emissions.  The global warming people need a unified theory that takes into
account the suggested action if we see the much more immediately harmful
possibility of a cooling planet.


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