[ExI] Tools for improving health care in the USA, now

Max More max at maxmore.com
Wed Aug 26 16:53:46 UTC 2009

I recommend Bailey's article in full...
Markets, Not Mandates

...but I especially wanted to quote two paragraphs and the included 
links to useful resources for improving your health care (if you live 
in the USA), without having to wait for reforms:

>Competition would also transform the medical information market, 
>making it radically transparent.

>In fact, baby steps toward transparency have already begun. Angie's List

>now allows consumers to submit reports about their experiences with 
>physicians. Sources of information for medical comparison shopping 
>would proliferate, just as there are now dozens of publications 
>devoted to comparing the features and prices of cars, computers, 
>guns, and vacations. A core of savvy shoppers in the medical market 
>will mean better price and quality comparisons for everyone.
>Wondering what shopping in a competitive medical market might be 
>like? Check out the admittedly clunky California government's common 
>surgeries and cost comparison website.

>Browsing reveals that the cost for heart valve replacement varies 
>from $72,000 to $368,000, and the cost for angioplasty varies from 
>$9,000 to $204,000. Other websites, such New Choice Health,

>enable consumers to go shopping for relatively routine procedures 
>like colonoscopies, laparoscopic hernia repair, and MRI scans. 
>Prices for colonoscopies in Washington, DC, for instance, vary from 
>$580 to $1,386, hernia repair from $974 to $2,519, and abdominal 
>MRIs from $936 to $1,960.

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