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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 02:47:02 UTC 2009

 Spike wrote:
Here's something way cool, especially for those of you (us) who were around
40 yrs ago and remember this very special time:



I was two years old and my mother kept on repeating to me as I watched the
television, "remember this moment, people are walking on the moon for the
very first time!"  And I actually do clearly recall it to this day.  : )

> Dan wrote:
> My friend Corey who grew up in the 1970s gave me the same sort of sentiment
> regarding the TV series "Cosmos." He told me that he got an overall positive
> feeling and that's what he likes to remember from his childhood. I recently
> viewed the whole series -- part of it with Corey -- and found that it does
> give an overall positive feeling about science and life -- even if the
> effects and some of the concerns are not a little dated. Anyone else see it?

I have very fond memories of watching Cosmos.  It enthralled me with the
wonder of science, both past, present and future.  My mother watched it as
excitedly as I did (and I think she may have developed a crush on Carl
Sagan...).  : )

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