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Brent Allsop brent.allsop at canonizer.com
Fri Jul 31 02:12:12 UTC 2009

jameschoate at austin.rr.com wrote:
> It means a human who has stepped outside of their biology.

I believe this entire discussion of what is or isn't cyborg, human, or 
whatever is naively missing the most important part of what we really 
are.  The representational and qualia theories of what we are described 
in the 'Consciousness is Representational and Real' camp here:


are being developed and supported by ever more leading experts on 
theories of mind such as Steven Lehar, John Smythies, John Gregg 
(Different guy than our great John Grigg) and an increasing number of 
others - tentatively showing more and more that these ideas of 
consciousness are more well accepted, by far by the experts (see 
http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/53/11) than any other theory out there.

This 'world in our head', is what we really think of as the world 'out 
there' - when in reality this is just an evolutionary optimization in 
our knowledge of ourselves in the world.  We think 'phenomenal red' is a 
property of the strawberry we are looking at, when in reality it is just 
a property of our knowledge of such.  It is really the final result of 
the perception process not the initial cause as is commonly thought by most.

At the center of this phenomenal 'world in our head' is our knowledge of 
our physical bodies.  And represented as being inside our skull, looking 
out of our knowledge of our eyes, is our knowledge of ourselves (or 
spirit, if you will).  This spirit, unlike the rest, simply doesn't have 
a referent in reality it is representing.  But that doesn't mean it 
doesn't exist or isn't all important to what we are whether cyborg or 
not.  And like all the rest of our knowledge, it is very 'phenomenal' 
(i.e. red is much more than just cause and effect behavior - all that we 
know of any 'electromechanical systems').

This theory predicts that we are about to make the greatest scientific 
discovery of all time (the 'effing' discovery of that which is still 
ineffable).  This scientific achievement will then soon enable these 
'spirits' to very literally pierce the 'veil of perception', and to 
finally escape the mortal spirit prison walls that are our skulls, and 
as James said, very literally be able to: 'Step outside of our 
biology'.   All as described in the above 'camp' information, supported 
by ever more experts on theories of consciousness as more and more 
experts participate on this open survey of the best theories of Mind.

Obviously, the general population is quit ignorant about what the 
scientific consensus says about the best theories of Mind, and is to be 
expected.  They always talk about things in very primitive, naive, 
irrational, and ignorant from reality ways - which is to be expected.  
Our goal is to rigorously measure what all such people think in 
definitive ways as can now be measured by the general population (one 
person one vote) algorithm at canonizer.com.  But, what is extremely 
frustrating to me, is how many much more intelligent 'nuts and bolts' 
scientists and even many transhumanists also seam naive and ignorant 
about much of this information and are making the same mistakes, talking 
about it in such naive ways, and completely ignoring any of this 
critically important information in discussions such as this.

So, I'm curious.  James, when you said "a human who has stepped outside 
of their biology" is this literally what you meant?  If so, how would 
you imagine such 'stepping outside of' being possible and what would 
such be 'like'?  Is it anything like what is technically described in 
the above camp statement?

If the predictions already being made by more and more experts turn out 
to be true, then the 'effing' proof is about to finally educate everyone 
about these theories.  And we are about to make the greatest scientific 
discovery of all time - the discovery of what, why, how, and where is 
the phenomenal mind, and that such will provide the effing  demonstrable 
proof to convert everyone into this camp.  The goal of this topic at 
canonizer.com is to rigorously measure this education / conversion 
process or scientific revolution and to continue to help push it along 
as it has already successfully stated to do.

Of course, whether you agree or think differently, the world would 
definitely like to know concisely and quantitatively, what everyone 
including you thinks.  And we would like to track what you continue to 
think is the best theory of consciousness, as ever more demonstrable 
scientific proof comes in.  Time is obviously running out in our great 
chance to be one of the first in the camp representing THE ONE true 
theory of consciousness everyone could possibly, due to the demonstrable 
science, soon accept as 'true'.  Whatever camp this turns out to be will 
certainly tell us much about what is and isn't important to H+, 
electromechanical behavior, cyborgs, and so on.

Brent Allsop

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