[ExI] USA Health Costs

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Tue Jun 2 01:20:39 UTC 2009

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> Fred C. Moulton
> Subject: Re: [ExI] USA Health Costs
> > The article is about overservicing. Medical overservicing 
> is not only 
> > expensive, it can also be dangerous. Free market medicine 
> encourages 
> > overservicing.
> Whether "Free market medicine" encourages overservicing is a 
> conjecture. Perhaps correct; perhaps incorrect... Fred

Ja.  I would lean toward incorrect, or at least not exactly.  A bigger
driver to overservicing is the threat of lawsuit should the medic miss
anything during any office visit.  So they just test for everything.  Then
the bills go thru the roof.  The legal system demands overservicing.


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