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Tue Jun 2 01:35:47 UTC 2009

On Jun 1, 2009, at 6:20 PM, spike wrote:

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>>> The article is about overservicing. Medical overservicing
>> is not only
>>> expensive, it can also be dangerous. Free market medicine
>> encourages
>>> overservicing.
>> Whether "Free market medicine" encourages overservicing is a
>> conjecture. Perhaps correct; perhaps incorrect... Fred
> Ja.  I would lean toward incorrect, or at least not exactly.  A bigger
> driver to overservicing is the threat of lawsuit should the medic miss
> anything during any office visit.  So they just test for everything.

Actually, they don't.  Until I went to an actual longevity clinic a  
lot of blood tests that would have found my particular problems were  
never run no matter how much and often I complained to conventional  

Yes there is some over testing but that is due more to a very broken  
tort system than to the health industry itself as far as I can tell as  
you mentioned.

One thing that our spending 2x what every other developed country  
spends on health care does is fund a lot more medical research.    
Hopefully we can avoid tossing this and other "babies" out with the  
inefficiency bath water.

- samantha

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