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> Subject: [ExI] long breezy story for a friday evening
> Spike, thanks for this very amusing story. It is more 
> impressive than some of my college misadventures and ranks 
> alongside some of the finest anecdotes of my more outrageous friends...

Outrageous?  You are too kind Tom.  I have some excellent college
misadventures too, but that will be some other leisurely Friday evening.

> If I didn't know better (ie hadn't wasted so many hours 
> watching teen movies in the 90s) I would suggest Spike had 
> lifted the idea from a movie...

Excellent idea.  I will see if I can make actual money from this.

> After all, the kids interested 
> in science & engineering go all-out into raising more cash 
> than the popular girls and stick it to the man by sneaking 
> into rockets and stealing stuff??...

Actually that might have been more exciting had we sneaked in, but it was
all done with the proper permissions granted.  We had to in any case, for
there were several of us working in shifts in plain sight of a very busy
highway (US1).  I googled to find a close up view, couldn't find one, but I
did see this interesting bit.  Apparently we young gold miners wrecked the
internals of the rocket beyond repair:

Rocket Repairs

Some local volunteers are repairing the Titan rocket that has sat outside
Titusville high school. Update: this effort has failed as the repairs
required are beyond the budget. The rocket has been donated to Brevard
Community College and is now located at CCAFS where they have an educational

> An excuse to use girls in 
> string bikinis as essential to the plot? A twist in the tale 
> when the money gets spent on "Sit on my face"? Honestly, 
> box-office smashes have been written with thinner material than this...

Here's one for which the rock and roll experts may be able to help.
According to this drummer, (who was not one of the five dancing costumed
members) the Village People made an album cover in which a photograph is
taken from above of the five costumed band members.  They were lying face up
on the floor; each band member had his hand in the trousers of the band
member to either side.  The album cover was too outrageous even for the very
open standards of the mid 70s, and so that album cover was redone, but
apparently a few were sold.  The drummer decided he had had enough of that,
so he left the group and formed his own.  Those album covers are probably
worth a cool fortune.  That is the story he told.  Don't know if it is true.
Anyone every heard such a thing?

> I must say though, I can no longer take your criticism of 
> Barack Obama quite so seriously...Tom

Nor do I Tom.  I was surprised at how sensitive some of the list members
were to what I thought was minor criticism of a president.  I don't recall
anyone getting so upset for criticism of any of the previous presidents.
Hell they expect me to do that.  I am critical of all of them.  I might even
criticize Root if he somehow managed to get elected.  Not very much in
Root's case, but I would surely find something to bitch about.


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