[ExI] long breezy story for a friday evening

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 1 22:49:25 UTC 2009

Spike, thanks for this very amusing story. It is more impressive than some of my college misadventures and ranks alongside some of the finest anecdotes of my more outrageous friends.

If I didn't know better (ie hadn't wasted so many hours watching teen movies in the 90s) I would suggest Spike had lifted the idea from a movie. After all, the kids interested in science & engineering go all-out into raising more cash than the popular girls and stick it to the man by sneaking into rockets and stealing stuff?? An excuse to use girls in string bikinis as essential to the plot? A twist in the tale when the money gets spent on "Sit on my face"? Honestly, box-office smashes have been written with thinner material than this.

I must say though, I can no longer take your criticism of Barack Obama quite so seriously. He may not be clear on where he got the money from for his drug consumption, but then again he didn't spend his teenage years stealing federal government property just to provide cash for an end-of-year blowout. (Cue all the libertarians saying - "No, he waited until he was in the whitehouse for that!")


PS SOMF won with 20% of the vote? Had you guys never heard of single transferable vote? Maybe my experience was different from going to a politically right-on university the moment I left school.


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