[ExI] Summer Issue of h+ Magazine is live now

Ben Goertzel ben at goertzel.org
Wed Jun 3 20:35:06 UTC 2009


A couple points

Each article in a magazine is written by an individual author, who
does their research in their own manner ...

H+ magazine is not actually published by "H+, the organization
formerly known as WTA" ... it began under the aegis of H+ the
organization, but is now put out by BetterHumans LLC

Ben G

> I am happy to see other transhumanists interested in diybio, but I'm
> wondering why exactly WTA ignored its own mailing list? I mean, it
> just seems kind of stupid to not even bother asking around for
> information within your own community first before going off to gather
> information elsewhere. Doesn't look like communication is working,
> really. I don't recall seeing any emails asking about diybio from the
> WTA community at all.. I would have been happy to write some text,
> post links and help out discussions, but nothing like that has showed
> up at all, so what's the deal?
> Angry mad scientist,
> - Bryan
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