[ExI] Iran's plan for their gay population

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Wed Jun 3 23:05:17 UTC 2009

Il 03/06/2009 7.53, Jeff Davis ha scritto:

> Iran is the latest boogieman, and everything in the Western press
> reflects this and is bullshit.

I think that you have small interests in the dead that can not be used 
against the west. A million of Rwandan people killed is of small 
interest, as it can not be used to attack the US government, or some 
other western government (Israel included).

I never see great protests for the Burmese killed.
I never see protest (great or small) for the people killed by Hamas (be 
they Israeli or Palestinians or Egyptians).

I don't know how much people was killed by US in Viet-Nam, I only know 
that the South was invaded by armoured division of the North (courtesy 
of the USSR and China) and million of people fled from South Viet-Nam 
after. Do "Boat People" tell you something?

The two millions of people killed by the Sudanese government and 
government sponsored militias never raise any problem, like the people 
killed by President Clinton bombing the wrong factory in Sudan.

The girls decapitated in Indonesia don't exist or are unimportant. The 
Christians expelled by Bethlehem (under Arafat and the PNO) don't merit 
a line. But the dead of a terrorist that killed Jews every time he was 
able to do so and keep his family near him knowing that he would be a 
target is all the rage.

You are very selective when choose the dead important and the dead 
unimportant for you. And, surely, how you choose to select them is very 
different from how I choose to select them.


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