[ExI] CA gay marriage vote/was Re: Iran's plan for their gaypopulation

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...Iran's plan for their gaypopulation
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 11:36 AM,  <dan_ust at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >... as conventional answers go, this looks simplistic.  In 
> some cases, one can ask "cui bono?" regarding particular 
> stances and obtain profitable explanations.  In this case, 
> I'm not sure.  Why not accept, here, at face value, the 
> notion that traditional or religious beliefs played a role* 
> -- rather than rap or "embattled masculinity"?
>                                        *********************
>  I gave a quick -- not much thought given -- answer to 
> spike's question.  Upon further reflection, I think Dan's 
> right.  In the privacy of their own culture, non-ghetto 
> African Americans are (my
> impression) church going Christian social conservatives re 
> issues other than racial equality.  Add to that Damien's 
> embattled masculinity (well not Damien's masculinity, but 
> rather his point re African American embattled masculinity) 
> and I think spike has his answer.
> Best, Jeff Davis

Ja.  On the playground in the early years we learned that the politically
powerless need all the friends and allies they can get.  That was why I was
surprised the minorities did not befriend the gays.  

I see the cryonicist and the gay as natural allies.  Reasoning: I have
questioned those who object to gay, and asked exactly and specifically what
is it about gay that they find objectionable.  They stumble around a bit,
sometimes offering a religious argument, but usually it ends up with it just
simply grosses them out.  Well then.  The notion of cryonics is like that.
People can seldom come up with a logical argument against it, sometimes
offering a lame religious angle, but it really comes down to it just squicks
them, that's all.

So the real question is should something be legally supressed, just because
most people find it gross?

The gay and the cryonaut are logical allies.


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