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Il 06/06/2009 18.43, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:
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>>> Does the burning of Christian heretics count?
>> This was done by the secular hand (the government) after the Church
>> found the guilty of heresy. This because the government (Kings) found
>> that heresy was a threat to their power.
>> People, usually, preferred to be tried by the Inquisition than the
>> secular tribunals for the same crimes.

> So the Church identified the heretics, asked the king to forgive them,
> but the king had them burned anyway because they constituted a threat
> to his power?

No, many times they sent inquisitors and the inquisitors told "Not 
guilty as charged". This happened often with the women accused of 
witchcraft, with the Jews accused to sacrifice Christian children and so on.

>>> The fundamentalist Islamic states are similar to mediaeval Christian
>>> states. It is *secularism*, not the content of religious dogma, that
>>> has got rid of these practices.
>> Unfortunately, we are speaking about now, not then.
>> Secular communism and Nazism used these practices a few decades ago.
>> So secularism or atheism can kill as much as religious fanatics.
> Yes, but the evil perpetrated by religion of whatever sort has been
> inversely proportional to the degree of secularisation in the society
> in which the religion operates.

Pray tell, my brother,
      Why do dictators kill
         and make war?

      Is it for glory; for things,
          for beliefs, for hatred,
          for power?

      Yes, but more,
          because they can.

The degree of evil anyone is able to do is proportional to his power.
This is because less power have the government less evil it is able to do.
The evil secularists do and did is proportional at their power.
Nothing different from other men.

>> But we live here and now. Not there.
>> Then, probably, he would be burned down by the King's tribunal order not
>> the Church one.

> You may as well say that adulterers in Saudi Arabia are executed at
> the order of the state, not at the order of the religious authorities.

There is not division of power between secular and religious authority 
in Islam. Islam regulate all aspect of the life of a submitted, from the 
moment of the birth to the moment of the dead, comprising the way one 
believer must wipe is ass (and I'm not kidding on this) or how he must 

> Italy and Germany were in the same position as America is now in invading Iraq.

Empty slogan I would say.

Iraq didn't invaded Kuwait?
Iraq didn't invaded Iran?
Iraq didn't gassed the Kurds?
Iraq didn't killed scores of Shiite Iraqis?
Iraq didn't killed political opposition's components?
Iraq didn't signed a binding armistice deal with the UN Coalition that 
liberated Kuwait to avoid the toppling of the government?
Iraq didn't break the agreement in many ways?

Did the US annexed the land conquered?
Did the US build and used mass extermination camps or forced works camps?
Did the US killed their peaceful opposition?
Did the US jailed or killed the US people that opposed the war?

I can only say that people like you, then, opposed the war in Europe.
This changed when Hitler attacked the USSR.
Before it was a war between capitalists. Then become a war against 
fascism. Things change when it is what you have dear that is in danger 
to be destroyed. Until them, you are free to preach whatever you like, 
it cost nothing to you.

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