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2009/6/6 painlord2k at libero.it <painlord2k at libero.it wrote:>:


> Iraq didn't invaded Kuwait?

Greenlighted by Bush I.

> Iraq didn't invaded Iran?

Greenlighted and then assisted by Reagan.

> Iraq didn't gassed the Kurds?

The Iraqi Kurds were helping the Iranians who were at war with Iraq at
the time.  Siding with, and actively helping the enemy in time of war
is as bad as it gets.  El Anfal was Saddam's payback for treason.  Not
nice, but neither is treason.  Halabja was a battlefield where both
sides used chemical weapons.  And while we're on the subject, Rumsfeld
under Reagan expedited the delivery to Saddam of the chemical
precursors for his chemical weapons.

> Iraq didn't killed scores of Shiite Iraqis?

When, on the advice of Bush1, they rose in rebellion.  And, as is well
known, Bush1, with all the military gear of Gulf War 1 still close at
hand, did nothing when Saddam responded by slaughtering them.

> Iraq didn't killed political opposition's components?

You mean like the Shah, Pinochet, Diem, Rios Mont, Noriega, and the
entirety of the pantheon of US installed dictators?

> Iraq didn't signed a binding armistice deal with the UN Coalition that
> liberated Kuwait to avoid the toppling of the government?


> Iraq didn't break the agreement in many ways?

Nope.  But the US did.

> Did the US annexed the land conquered?

>From sea to shining sea.  Oh, did you mean Iraq?

> Did the US build and used mass extermination camps...

Does mass extermination count if one doesn't bother to build a "camp"?
 If so, then let's see,... :

 Pre-revolutionary (partial list): The holds of slave ships crossing
the Atlantic and the wholesale slaughter of native Americans;

Post-revolution, (partial list): Huks in the Phillipines; Hiroshima,
Nagasaki, Dresden; massacres of civilians retreating South at the
onset of the Korean war; free-fire zones and a whole smorgasbord of
atrocities in SE Asia; Iran, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua,...

> or forced works camps?

Antebellum Dixie, prison chain-gangs, Prison Industrial Complex

> Did the US killed their peaceful opposition?

There's a bit of deviousness built into the question, since opposition
always starts out peaceful.  That said:

Outside the US (partial list): Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Chile, El
Salvador, Nicaragua,...

Inside the US (partial list): American Civil war; wounded knee, uppity
n*****rs (lynchings), Kent State, Branch Dividians

> Did the US jailed or killed the US people that opposed the war?

Which war?

Vietnam (very partial list): Marijuana smokers, Kent State, Muhammad
Ali,  and  thousands of other war resistors.

Iraq (partial list) Jeremy Hinzman, Ehren Watada, and other military
refusniks: Johnny Walker Lindh; Sami al Arian.

> I can only say that people like you, then, opposed the war in Europe.
> This changed when Hitler attacked the USSR.
> Before it was a war between capitalists. Then become a war against fascism.
> Things change when it is what you have dear that is in danger to be
> destroyed. Until them, you are free to preach whatever you like, it cost
> nothing to you.

You're all ideology and no truth, Mirco.  A half truth is also a half
lie.  They cancel each other out, and you end up with no truth at all.

Instead of trying to torture reality to fit your prejudices, you need
to find the truth and follow it where it leads.  No one is to blame
for the inevitable indoctrination of their youth, but if you care to
be "set free" (as in "the truth will set you free"), then you need to
dig yourself out of that hole.

Read Chomsky.  (Read Rand on the toilet and then put the paper to more
appropriate use).  You may not like or agree with Chomsky, but no one
is better at showing the way to intellectual validity and autonomy.

Good luck.

Best, Jeff Davis

I know it is a weakness of human nature to become emotionally invested
in inconsequential tribal spats, but people who want to be
transhumanists need to be able to get past that almost as a
prerequisite.  In fact, a good portion of the transhumanist ideals are
all about shedding this behavior.
               j. andrew rogers

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