[ExI] The Death Toll Imbalance in the Mideast War (Was: Mary Magdelene?/was Re: Iran's plan for their gay population)

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Il 07/06/2009 18.09, Harvey Newstrom ha scritto:
> On Saturday 06 June 2009 8:44:10 am Rafal Smigrodzki wrote:
>> 2009/6/6 John Grigg<possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com>:
>>   it was only a matter
>>> of time before Iraq developed strong ties with the major terrorist
>>> organizations and became a major supporter of them.  I just wish Pres.
>>> Bush had not lied to start a war that actually needed to be carried out,
>>> but obviously not on a false pretense regarding WMD.
>> ### This is stupid.
> Indeed.  Iraq was one of the most hated muslim countries by the radical
> terrorists.  They allowed women to go to school, hold jobs, become doctors,
> etc.  They has full access to western media and TV.  Iraq was the most secular
> and non-fundamentalist of all the muslim nations.  They would have been the
> least likely of any muslim nation to have ties to terrorists or fundamentalist
> radicals.

Oh my.... the naivety of the people.

Do you really believe that people that kill so easily have any qualms to 
make alliances of opportunity with anyone else?
Do you really believe that these people lack of any strategic and 
tactical vision?
Do you really believe they are all stupid lunatics unable to restrain 
themselves when it expedient to do so? The cannon fodder could be unable 
to restain themselves, the leaders, not so much.

Sunni, Wahabbi and Shia could hate each other, but they will collaborate 
with each other against a common enemy.
Iran is know to arm al-Qaeda linked and Ba'ath  linked insurgent / 
terrorists / militias in Iraq, the sunni Hamas in Gaza, the Sunni 
Sudanese. Until they kill westerns or destabilize Iraq, it is only good 
for Iran. bin Laden son (one of many) live in Iran. al-Zarkawi moved 
inside Iran to heal is wounded leg before becoming the head of al Qaeda 
in Iraq.

They can squabble about how pray, but the will not let a chance to kill 
westerns to go wasted. There is time to settle these question after 
their aims are obtained and the US is out of the region.


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