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This is what I know beyond the website:  www.profilesseries.com.

They are doing preliminary interviews to see if we are acceptable.

They will take 10 hours of footage with which they will produce a 4-6 minute
high end educational segment.  This will be one segment of a 1/2 hour
episode.    Typically the segment will have an industry expert, and
interview with the "LifespanPharma" and a 3rd party testimonial.

This episode will have a nationwide distribution on Discovery Channel,
Bravo, which reaches 80 million households.
Internationally, it will be broadcast over Voice of America in 200 cities
and 96 million households.

Nationally syndicated to 30 million households in the top 50 markets at peak
and prime times.

Also, they will produce a 1-minute high end commercial based on exactly what
we want to say.  This will be broadcast 10 times regionally  on major news
and cable networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox , etc. in cities of our choosing.

They will distribute a 6-8 minute documentary on internet websites like
YouTube (www.youtube.com/profileseries), Google, etc. It will be digitized
for use on our website.

They will also direct email target markets which we will decide on.

They will also produce a corporate DVD with interviews, graphics, voice over

At the end of the project, they will give us the rights to the program and a
master copy.

The requirements are that they have reasonable access to Lifespan Pharma,
the right people for on-camera, availability within the next 3-4 months.

The fee is $24,000.

The producer is  Jason Smith, 561-206-6450, ext. 113.

I told them we would have a decision by Monday, June 8.   Since they want to
emphasize the human aspects of hemp benefits, Lana and I think you guys
would be a better fit.


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