[ExI] The Death Toll Imbalance in the Mideast War

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 03:05:20 UTC 2009

 John Grigg wrote:

>  And so for you you, Stathis, to actually suggest the Stalin-like regime
> > of Iraq had the right to nuke the U.S. since we used nukes on Japan, when
> > Japan deserved it, is to show your moral bankruptcy and plain stupidity.

Stathis wrote:

> Japan attacked the US, so Japan had it coming to it when the US
> retaliated; the US attacked Iraq, so the US had it coming to it if
> Iraq had been able to retaliate. It's not a question of which system
> is better, it's a question of the citizens of a country having the
> right to forcefully resist invasion. *Of course* the invader will
> claim that they will be welcomed by all right-thinking people, and
> only the evil terrorists, who must be rooted out, will resist. *Of
> course* there will be people who do welcome the invaders, and prosper
> under them, but the resistance will regard these people as traitors.

But are we to be stuck on a sea of moral relativity?  No...  You make it
seem like every government and people have an equal right to retaliate, and
this is simply not the case.  Should the U.S. have not attacked Nazi Germany
during WWII?  And would you not agree that the defeat of the Nazi government
was in fact a *liberation* for the people of Germany?  Or would you

Well, the people of Iraq needed to be liberated from the raping and
murdering Saddam Hussein.  Yes, we stirred up a hornet's nest that he kept
in place, but the evil bastard and his government is now gone.  Do you
feel the U.S. should have not invaded and let him stay in power?  Don't you
care about all the people he had tortured, raped and murdered?  I do.  And
is sickens me that the U.S. gov't supported a thug like him until he grew

When the citizens of a nation are compelled by their tyrannical government
(that has very little or no respect for human civil liberties- think
Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Saddam's Iraq) to defend it from a foreign
power that wishes to liberate them through regime change, should this be
considered just the same as a nation like the United States being attacked
by Japan?  Stathis, you either just don't grok this subject, or you are
having fun baiting me.

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