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>>> In Italy I'm not aware of any abortion doctors being killed by any
>>> Christian fundamentalist for doing abortions and the Catholic Church
>>> constantly condemn the abortions.
>> Here are 9 murders, 17 attempted murders, 383 death threats, 153 incidents of
>> assault or battery against abortion providers by Christians:
> Yes. Protestant fundamentalists are somewhat in-between Muslims and
> Catholics in taking their faith seriously.
> Not that catholic traditionalists do not exist in Latin Europe, but
> they are mostly concerned with social conservatism and beautiful
> rituals, and belonging to an "aristocracy" or at best old bourgeoisie
> who have lost any taste for personal risks for centuries even though
> they may be nostalgic of burning people at stake they are not really
> inclined to act upon their beliefs.

Given the numbers, the psychiatric / characterial explanation appear me 
most probable.

Given society and genetics and chance, a few people will become violent, 
criminal people. A few of these will channel their sociophatic 
tendencies in a way that is not self-serving but will serve a small 
group belief.

This explanation would, obviously, be inadequate if the share of people 
acting so is too large compared with the people exposed to the meme.

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