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Il 14/06/2009 0.55, Damien Broderick ha scritto:
> [BillK:
>>> California cannot afford the pensions that it previously
>>> agreed to pay. The government has also spent all the pension pot...
>> Maybe, if the government of California had let the people to organize
>> themselves their pension schemes
> Can we be sure of this? Isn't it usually the case (looking at recent
> Vast insurance scam/collapses) that "organizing themselves" means
> "paying into some huge pension corporation" and that's at least as
> likely to be looted as the govt's misuse of the supposedly dedicated
> pension pot?

It is counter-intuitive.
But not having the backing of the government, people would be more 
cautious and more interested in preparing for the future. There would 
not be "daddy" to shoulder the problem for them.
Then, the real scam is linking the pensions with the employer. So, if 
the employer go belly up, so go the pension scheme.

> I don't suppose that's inevitable; there's perhaps more incentive, and
> capacity, for a govt to squander the pension pot on programs that get
> votes more quickly, so maybe an anarchocapitalsit or anachocommunitarian
> mix of smaller programs would work better, being more closely under the
> eyes of its owners, the pension-investors. Does anyone know of some
> long-term empirical evidence on this topic?

I would look at how well are doing the pension schemes in Chile.
You know, the pension scheme worked out by the School of Chicago under 
Pinochet watch.

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