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Resolution passed at party convention June 06.
Public policy conference this fall to develop policy ..resolutions are
one source of policy.
I am on the legislative advisory committee so some opportunity to move
policy points  to legislation.   Second resolution in separate

Whereas medicine is largely based upon a palliative and crisis
management model constrained by economics.

Whereas the delivery of medicine is driven by providers, (doctors,
nurses, administrators and public policy bureaucracy) largely because
consumers access to leading edge health information is restricted by
providers and government regulation.

Whereas education and access to knowledge can enhance the cost
effectiveness of medicare.

Whereas a  personalized integrative medicine paradigm known as
“Regenerative Medicine” can create a “Longevity Dividend.”

Whereas traditional formal education to make the entire Saskatchewan
population knowledgeable lifelong health consumers is cost prohibitive
, lacks infrastructure and support personnel.

Be it resolved that all persons who have a valid Saskatchewan  Health
Card and undergo annual physicals be provided full personal access to
the University of Saskatchewan  PAWS academic library so that they may
self-educate themselves and proactively contribute towards a lifelong
personalized “Regenerative Medicine” program.

Be it further resolved that the Saskatchewan NDP propose appropriate
legislation and public policy directives to empower the individual
Saskatchewan health consumer to maximize their health-span, and

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