[ExI] H+ Healthcare

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Jun 22 21:58:49 UTC 2009

Today my 91 year old mother is having cataract surgery.  It is not a  
simple procedure because she should have had this surgery done 6 or  
more years ago.  Her former eye doctor never told her how bad it had  
gotten because of her elderly age. He assumed that she is too old for  
surgery.  However, her current doctor recognizes my mother?s vibrant,  
youthful attitude and is performing the surgery.

I bring this up because if we have a universal healthcare, how will  
elderly people be handled? Will they be considered too old to repair?

In the radio this morning, I listened to a discussion about a Canadian  
over 70 who had to wait 3 years for heart surgery.  Another instance,  
(country unknown) after the age of 65, some medical interventions are  
not covered/provided.  I faced this type of rigorous cut-off line when  
I tried to get infertility aid in my mid-40s.  Because I was over 42  
(the cut-off age for infertility coverage), I could not get help from  
the HMO insurance I was using at that time.  I had to pay  
out-of-pocket thousands of dollars.

As transhumanists, we desire to long, vital lives.  How will a new  
healthcare system?s across-the-board set of rules affect us?  Would  
our coverage expire at nature?s suggested human lifespan of 123-max?   
Would those who do live longer than a considered the norm have to fend  
for themselves, outside of the system?


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