[ExI] Propaganda - What is truth?

Brent Allsop brent.allsop at canonizer.com
Sun Jun 28 01:05:00 UTC 2009


Good point.  And I think transhumanists do this naturally, to a fault, 
without even trying.  I think this is why most extropians are neither 
left or right.

And because of this, they alway alienate one or the other, and everyone 
end up hating us - while a radical leftest pleases the left and radical 
rightists please the right - both becoming very popular, and everyone 
ignores us.

I have the same problem religiously.  All my Mormon friends hate me 
because I call myself, and affiliate with atheists.  While all my 
atheist friends tend not to trust me because I call myself a Mormon, go 
to church, sing in the choir, and so on.  ;)

All I really want, is for everyone to get along and be together - which 
is the ultimate true good which everyone seems to be missing.

Brent Allsop

BillK wrote:
> On 6/27/09, Jeff Davis wrote:
>>  "What surrounds us...is a vast tapestry of lies..."
>>                                            Harold Pinter
> This is a big subject.
> I read widely from sources that over time I have found to be pretty reliable.
> Most people read stuff that agrees with their prejudices. (Me too!)
> But I have tried to make my prejudices align with what actually
> happens in the world rather than fitting events into a biased
> theology. This is not something that can be done quickly. It takes
> years sometimes to gradually realize that unexpected events happening
> mean that your expectations were wrong and need to be changed.
> The world has to be the driver, not your wished-for beliefs.
> It doesn't mean that leftish rants are always to be preferred. There
> is just as much propaganda from the left as from the right. There are
> a few people or organizations that try to see through the clutter and
> the secret is to find them. Some have rightish tendencies and some
> have leftish. The political stance is not the important factor.
> You can allow for that.
> Obviously they sometimes make mistakes as well. Nobody's perfect. But
> your own experience plays into the story as well. Age helps. When
> you've seen the same scams done 20 years ago, it helps to see through
> them when they come round again.
> BillK
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