[ExI] Health care in the USA

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> Subject: [ExI] Health care in the USA
> ...British hospitals worked around it by 
> keeping people unofficially waiting in ambulances 
> outside -- a practice called "patient stacking"...

Max you made many noteworthy observations which all deserve response, but
this is not my field.  I had one small comment that I do want to share. 

> Apparently, people with broken limbs or breathing 
> problems could find themselves waiting in ambulances for up 
> to five hours... Max

When a neighbor had congestive heart failure recently, I learned much about
ambulances.  I was amazed, delighted, astounded, at how much they can do for
you if you need it, right there at the scene, right out of the ambulance.
The EMTs were not actually doctors, but were remarkably competent and
professional, sharp guys.  I was able to examine what all they were carrying
in that truck while they were doing an on-the-spot treatment on the
neighbor.  They had advanced instrumentation, gadgetry, lotsa whiz bang and
they knew how to use it.  A sick or injured person today would be better off
in the back of those ambulances than in a state of the art hospital from my
misspent youth.  I wouldn't be surprised if they had half a million dollars
invested in that ambulance and gear.


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