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> > Apparently, people with broken limbs or breathing problems 
> could find 
> > themselves waiting in ambulances for up to five hours... Max
> When a neighbor had congestive heart failure recently, I 
> learned much about ambulances.  I was amazed, delighted, 
> astounded, at how much they can do for you if you need it, 
> right there at the scene, right out of the ambulance.
> The EMTs were not actually doctors, but were remarkably 
> competent and professional, sharp guys...They 
> had advanced instrumentation, gadgetry, lotsa whiz bang and 
> they knew how to use it... spike

I left out an important detail.  They attached a number of sticky wirey
instrument thingies to grandma-san.  The EMTs were on the radio with the
cardiologists back at Stanford Hospital, which is a good half hour drive
from here.  The docs were watching everything those instruments were beeping
back to them, and telling the medics how to proceed.

I had imagined the way an ambulence visit would happen is a coupla husky
firemen would grab the patient, put her on a gurney, throw her into the back
and go screaming off to the hospital, lights a flashing and sirens a
blaring, but that isn't what they did.  First of all, they weren't firemen,
they were full time medics that live at the fire station, three of them.
They were doing treatment treatment at the scene for nearly an hour.
Grandma san was actually feeling a better by that time, and didn't want to
go to the hospital, but the doctor thought it better she came on in.  They
took her in with flashies but no sirens, and no drama.  She was out the next
day, and has been fine.  18 thousand bucks.


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