[ExI] Private and government R&D [was Health care in the USA]

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Sun Jun 28 16:53:18 UTC 2009

2009/6/28 Max More <max at maxmore.com>:
> The Failure of Centralized Scientific Planning
> A review of Sex, Science and Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money
> Ronald Bailey | May 20, 2008
> http://www.reason.com/news/show/126584.html

Just for the sake of discussion ;-), I have read a few years ago a pretty
specular presentation of the idea that the market would be per se
structurally incapable of delivering technological breakthroughs.

Even though the authors admit that a few are owed to private companies, they
maintain that even in such cases the R&D programmes concerned were
invariably funded and initiated, directly or indirectly, by a public demand
whose ultimate goals concerned international more than commercial
competition (e.g., at a prestige, academic, political or military level).

And, as it can be expected, the authors are not American, but French. :-)

La recherche et la technologie, enjeux de
Valérie Mérindol, David-W Versailles, et Patrice Cardot.

Stefano Vaj
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