[ExI] Cass Sunstein: Regulation Czar

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> On 3/1/09, Michael Gunzip wrote:
> > Agreed. At this point, we need a czar czar, to oversee all 
> those other 
> > czars.
> >

> Not a problem.
> I've heard the czar industry is in serious trouble.
> BillK

{8^D  Czar industry, haaaahahahahaaa!  Thanks BillK, may I use that one?

I see the stock market is taking yet another ass whooping today.  I haven't
sold the tattered remains of my stocks for a reason.  I figure that the
stimulus bill was hurriedly passed by a panicked congress, even though they
were not even given a chance to even read the bill.  It was 1071 pages, and
the vote was forced the day after the final version was released.  No one
knows everything that was in it.  

For this reason, it appears to me that *anyone* who was in any startup or in
any capital venture would need to immediately stop everything, to read
through the bill, just to see if there is anything in there which would make
their venture unprofitable, or would make a different venture more

That's what stopped my family's farm venture.

I would now reason that *every* startup and *every* venture will be at least
temporarily on hold, if not cancelled outright.  That would make the
remaining existing companies stronger by killing off potential competition,
a bit like the way a forest fire actually helps the biggest trees by only
scorching their trunks, while slaying their small competitors, returning the
ashes of their remains to the soil.

There are at least two of our extended family members and two neighboring
families depending upon our venture for employment this summer, helping
plant trees and build irrigation infrastructure.  These will now will be
without a job.  The farmer who is currently renting our fields has been
doing this kind of work for 47 years.  He hinted that he will not be able to
rent our fields next year, for he cannot find a crop which would not give
him a loss.  He has four employees who must be sweating bullets right now.
The guys who are grafted our first 4000 trees get to keep our deposit in
accordance with the contract, but likely they will not be able to sell the
trees, so they will be lucky to break even.  The other two tree buyers also
decided to cancel their orders, independent of us or each other.  

I am now charred and smoldering ashes.


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