[ExI] Cass Sunstein: Regulation Czar

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 23:26:19 UTC 2009

On 3/5/09, spike wrote:
> {8^D  Czar industry, haaaahahahahaaa!  Thanks BillK, may I use that one?

Sure. It's public domain now.  :)

>  I see the stock market is taking yet another ass whooping today.  I haven't
>  sold the tattered remains of my stocks for a reason.  I figure that the
>  stimulus bill was hurriedly passed by a panicked congress, even though they
>  were not even given a chance to even read the bill.  It was 1071 pages, and
>  the vote was forced the day after the final version was released.  No one
>  knows everything that was in it.
>  I would now reason that *every* startup and *every* venture will be at least
>  temporarily on hold, if not cancelled outright.  That would make the
>  remaining existing companies stronger by killing off potential competition,
>  a bit like the way a forest fire actually helps the biggest trees by only
>  scorching their trunks, while slaying their small competitors, returning the
>  ashes of their remains to the soil.

Yea, it's a real bad time to be in business.
The trouble is that generally customers have almost disappeared.
Everybody is worried about clearing their debts first, above all else.

It's probably too late to sell your stocks. But there will be false
dawns where the market rises 10-15% before collapsing again. If you
are alert you could sell into one of these mini-rises.  But the
general feeling seems to be that western nations could be sailing into
never-before-seen circumstances.

Businesses have to try to get into depression-proof markets.
Entertainment seems good, for one example.

Best wishes, BillK

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