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> The Nazis thought the Jews should be killed, but they wanted 
> to put them to death "humanely" (at least at the start of the 
> war) because they wanted to continue thinking of themselves 
> as good people. This sentiment has been repeated throughout 
> history whenever groups of people carry out terrible acts. 
> For example, we tend to think that the guillotine was part of 
> the savagery of the French Revolution, but at the time it was 
> seen as an innovation that allowed the necessary 
> unpleasantness of dispatching with the aristocracy to occur 
> in a civilised way. Is this more shocking than simply 
> believing that the Nazis and others like them went about 
> their business in the gleeful knowledge that they were doing evil?
> --
> Stathis Papaioannou

Ja, I find it continually amazing and appalling that the Nazis were able to
find enough guys to go along with it.  It demonstrates that we humans can be
turned under certain circumstances to do monsterously evil deeds.


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