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2009/3/11 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
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>> Hold on there Spike. Many of us do believe that killing
>> criminals is wrong. I think there is a moral difference
>> between what the Nazis did and killing people as part of the
>> justice system, but both of these things are way out past the
>> "do not cross this line" line, as far as I'm concerned.
>> >From the perspective of a group that cares about indefinite life
>> extension, might we view putting others to death as an act of
>> unjustifiable hubris?
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>> Emlyn
> Ja, and so I propose a solution that should satisfy transhumanists and
> non-transhumanists.  Criminals convicted of capital crimes should be frozen,
> and reanimated at such time as we understand how to cure the condition which
> led to the capital crime.
> spike

Demolition Man


But seriously, that's no solution. To begin with, it's not been proved
to be safe yet, really only the province of volunteers. Also, assuming
people would view being frozen as a serious punishment (we might like
that briar patch, but we are not most people), it's still of the same
magnitude as murder, and the same moral problems apply. That is, are
you really so sure of your justice system's quality that you will let
it take a life?




And one final point, I don't think committing murder, for example,
requires a medical condition. Sadistic serial killers maybe so, but
they are not the entirety of murderers by a long stretch.


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