[ExI] What is Grace?

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Fri Mar 13 19:58:57 UTC 2009

Il 10/03/2009 15.41, spike ha scritto:

> Ja, I find it continually amazing and appalling that the Nazis were able to
> find enough guys to go along with it.  It demonstrates that we humans can be
> turned under certain circumstances to do monsterously evil deeds.

Well, the Nazis had problems with the people carring out the 
exterminations in the first part of the war for sure (when they invaded 
Poland and the Baltic states and carried out the killings by firing 
squads and similar ways).
The soldier in the killing squads, that were assigned to exterminate 
jews villagers in the Baltic states suffered in large numbers of mental 
breakdown that made them unfit for service and in need of health care.

I remember a TV documentary where they cited a document of the Nazi 
commander lamenting the fact that so many soldier was shocked and ill by 
the killing. Also they lamented that the people more adapt to the job 
were sadist and cruel (probably having their own psychiatric problems). 
It is surely no good to let antisocial people to associate in an 
organized, government supported, unit. No good for their masters, for sure.

I suppose a reason to switch from firing squads to gas chambers and, for 
the soviets, Gulags was that the killing became impersonal and easier to 
be carried on. It is also easier to blame starvation or climate or war 
or Allah will for the deads.


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