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> Iran has a decent chance of becoming a peaceful country 
> having reduced its population growth to under 1% in the past decade.
> It is not at all clear how this happened, but it is probably 
> culturally dependant.  Iran's culture is Persian, not Arabic.
> Iran 1.87 children per woman (2008)
> Gaza  5.19 children born/woman (2008 est.)
> Of course a sharp economic downturn can switch on war mode, 
> i.e., Germany pre WWII.
> Keith

Keith, there is something about the psychology of war theory that has been
making me squirmy for some time.  It seems at times to underaccount for
other factors leading to war.  I agree the rising population or reducing
resources leads to war, but we have a whole mess of other stuff that comes
into play as well, such as written history of past grievances.  This is
especially true if the written history is considered sacred writings, and
includes specific instructions regarding how the believer should deal with

Iran has population growth under control and is Persian.  These are good and
promising factors in their favor, yet they are ruled by an apparent madman,
which is bad.  If nukes are not fired in anger in the next decade I will be
most pleasantly surprised.


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