[ExI] whose fatwa? what ruler?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Mar 15 18:42:15 UTC 2009

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> You 
> and I can issue fatwas.  (Heyyy, cool.)  The problem is that 
> anyone can act on it as well...
> spike

....Such as these three asian men.


This comment slew me (fortunately not literally.):

"...The Metropolitan Police are treating it as a 'faith hate' assault and
are hunting three Asian men..."

Asian men.  Must be three Japanese guys that did this.  Those Buddhists are
real bad asses, with their ninja turtles, their violent and puzzling but
oddly profound zen koans, such as:

 "If you meet the infidel on the road, kill him." and "Who should be slain
more, an unbeliever?"

We must always be wary of these Asians, these radical Buddhists, with their
zen masters issuing random fatwas.


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