[ExI] global warming again

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Mar 15 21:01:05 UTC 2009

It is so puzzling.  What happens if we keep taking measuring and find that
the recent climate data indicates the globe is actually cooling?  See black
line on Roy Spencer's curve:


Would we then theorize that global cooling will kill us a lot faster than
will warming (we are Africans after all), and that humans are causing it,
and if so what would we do?  

1) Would we stick with the notion that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide
warms the earth, and so we reverse all the Kyoto accords to mandate emitting
more of the stuff to offset the cooling?  Or 

2) would we theorize that somehow there is an unknown mechanism that carbon
dioxide emissions somehow increase cloud cover and scatter more solar
energy, and so we need to restrict CO2 emissions anyway? Or

3) ignore the data as faulty, misleading or politically motivated, and keep
insisting that the globe will eventually warm due to scientific theory?  For
how long?

I am not being my usual snarky self here, I am asking what do we do if we
keep having fewer hurricanes instead of more, and the measured global
average temperature appears to be dropping?


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