[ExI] hitchins fans: hitchins on UN free speech proposal

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Mar 18 14:37:23 UTC 2009

Il 15/03/2009 12.47, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:

>> It would be illegal to report it if they feel displeased someone else know
>> about it, albeith they feel doing the right thing; it would be illegal if it
>> cause criticism about them or Islam.
>> In short, it would be illegal to write and say anything that displease them,
>> whatever it is. And you would it after.

> But it's not something they see as shameful at all; on the contrary,
> they see it as a good idea which should be widely promoted. It would
> be like the US lying about the fact that they imprison those who sell
> recreational drugs because some people see the drug laws as unjust.

It don't matter.
They kill their daughter for alleged sexual misconducts, and they are 
proud of this. But you are not allowed to poit out that the girl were a 
bit too "Western".

It is like the Nazi dening the Death Camp and the mistreatemnts of 
interned people during the war. They were proud of what they did, but 
they didn' want others to know what they were doing. Not before they did it.

You are facing a culture where goals justify all.
A culture where contraddictuons are not a problem until they are forced 
in the public sphere. A culture where the stronger have no limits to 
what he can do to the weaker. A culture interested in "allowed" and 
"prohibited" not "right" and  "wrong".
Whatever Mohammad permitted is "permitted", whatever he prohibited is 
"prohibited". If Mohammad tortured a Jews to obtain a hidden threasure 
of the Jew's tribe, this permit all muslim to torture Jews (and other 
infidels) to obtain wealth that is not surrended to them immediately.

They consider it right? Yes
They are offended if it is stated by kafir? Yes
They want it to be know by kafir? No


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