[ExI] Wars was defeat physics

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Wed Mar 18 20:07:16 UTC 2009

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> So, when he tell you about "wiping off" Israel from the map, it is better to
> listen him. He is not a madman, only a muslim that believe in Islam.
> He would wipe off Israel from the map (and all its inhabitants)

Mirco, You've been misinformed.  He quoted the Ayatollah Khomeini who
said that the Israeli entity would in the due course of time
dissappear from the pages of history, ie, "this too shall pass."  The
reasonableness of the original statement stands in stark contrast to
the severity of the intentionally deceitful and inflammatory
mistranslation: "wipe off the map" and "kill all the Israelis", which
is a neocon/Israeli lobby propaganda combo of (1)Iran bashing, and
(2)projected jewish paranoia transmuted into accepted "fact" (which
despite being accepted is anything but fact).

> ...without much remorse,...

This is just defamation and scapegoating.  The exact response sought
by the pro-Israel, pro-war propagandists.

All you need do is recognize it for what it is, dismiss it, and
conduct your own analysis.

A good place to start would be with "The hidden history of Zionism" by
Ralph Schoenmann available full text at:


Best, Jeff Davis

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