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> I find it interesting that while almost every reasonable person will agree
> that we ought to incarcerate or execute wrong-doers, there seems to exist no
> clear consensus on exactly why.

(caveat: any racist remarks in this article are not intended

*I may end up acting weak*. One day I may suffer personal pain and affront
and I might be
tempted, in a moment of weakness, to commit an act of vengeance. If someone
killed a friend under especially cruel circumstances, and I were a witness,
I'd have
not a twinge of guilt to move towards him or her, drive my knuckles in that
persons neck, and then grab, twist and drive half the upper vertebrae into
spinal cord. Easy enough, I have trained for this and like riding a bike,
you don't
forget these skills.

But that would be weakness.

I have grown to think vengeance doesn't work. It used to, when we were a
glob of low-identity specimen, scattered widely. Vengeance was a mode of
that over probably a million years made predators realize you do not fuck
those bipeds. Kill a human, humans enact vengeance and murder your entire
bloodline. It has been a very clever trick and feedback loop and has
immensely to the success of humans - humans have the capacity to hate, to
resent, to plot vengeance, to carry grudges and to act upon them - in small
mobs or (more recently) in armies so big their arrows blot out the sun.
are successful because they are *genocidal*.

Humans have an instinct other animals do not have (or only in very small
This instinct requires a higher brain with imagination, a deep loathing of
death and
pain of "my own" (NOBODY of some other tribe hits my mongrel nephew, not
even a
godless GYPSY!!) and the motivation to spend years plotting vengeance. This
is a more powerful impetus than heroin - people attribute immense, almost
qualities to acts of Rambo/Schwarzenegger/Seagal -esque orgies of  "getting

A cancer is a number of cells that serve no purpose and are killing the

I have this theory. In this crudely defined idea humans are animals that
in the last 50.000 years. The number of editing cycles in the last 10K years
since we had agriculture has been small, and the number of editing in the
genome since the industrial age even smaller. Hence our genome is more or
based on tribal collectives, with no more than hundreds of humans at best,
breeding cycles around the clock, an expansionist impulse driven by tribal
and almost ritual exclusion (envy, suspicion, contempt) of the losers of a
Humanity is NOT based on love, or charity. Au contraire, the human success
is almost exclusively based on persecution, banishment, starvation cycles,
war, attrition, murder, torture, vengeance and despair.

1. humans are successful because of most of the time they feel acutely
and their mind screams, SCREAMS "do something, now".  Not as with a cat,
can be deliriously happy lying around in the sun burping.

2. humans are successful because even the smallest challenge to its
by OUTSIDERS must be met with campaigns of extermination. Read the old
for inspiration.

3. these instincts evolved for and because of pleistocene conditions. The
holocene had
a limited effect on the way these instincts express.

My theory is that humans ARE a genocidal species. It is a core value of the
genome. Likewise, humans ARE racist, again a core value. We spread like
kudzu over
any territory, only grudgingly and resentfully cooperate with other humans,
but will
cooperate with the most similar (even with gypsies) against a mutual enemy
and will
do whatever it takes to eradicate them.

This is precisely the instinct at work in the current legal system. The idea
used to be
"break the rules of the tribal collective, you die". However that used to
work in small
tribes where everyone could have hear the dispute on the tribal square that
the rule, and why, but it doesn't work when you have to write down, codify
abstract laws and carry them to another province.  Laws work only on
localized values
in a single parish. Laws quickly become stifling and counterproductive when
applies to

Hence, punishment has become ever more ruthless. The instinct at work is to
humans in two categories "real human beings" (those who share your genes)
"animals". This is pure racism - as soon as a human has power, and a minor
twinge that
that sloped skull human over there down the street has in fact come into
being after
a human mated with a dog, it isn't a real human and hence - competition.

Modern society has suspended this instinct, largely by saturating human
beings with
food and abundance. But the instinct is still there. It does not take much
more than a
firm economic crisis to start up the incinerators and open up the mass

Criminals are a curious variant of humans, a note on the genetic diversity
scale. Look at
what happened to Frankenstein (clearly not human, we cannot have him mate
with our
virgins and produce a population of half-frankensteins) as the mob marched
on him with
pitchforks. Criminals are the variant of humanity that serves a purpose
(those slightly
sloped skull restless kids next door serve a GOOD purpose when there is a
war, when
we can send them off in a colorful uniform to kill the godless french) but
in times of peace
we have to keep an eye on them.

There appears to be a clear causal link between people who migrate (gypsies,
suspicious types, pedophiles) and ADHD. Migratory herd-keeping people have
far greater
rates of ADHD than agricultural, placid, peaceful humans. However - more
than half of
prison populations have diagnosed ADHD.  Which is a good thing (and I am
being sarcastic
here) because that keeps them from breeding with "our lush, fertile young

I say - humans have an instinct to breed animals and (for lack of animals)
each other.
In addition to being genocidal humans are a eugenic race. I say - humans
have a eugenic
instinct. The tendency to either exterminate competing species (wolves,
tigers, omphols...
what's an omphol? well, its extinct) or enslave them and breed them to our
liking is

The problem is, this instinct of evaluation whether or not a human is in
fact an animal
(shifty eyed, smells funny, odd hair, strange skin coloration, eats
disgusting food) is
always there. Furriners tend to be criminals - everyone knows that (ASSUMES
that) and
criminals are the beast inside, in the neighbour next door, waiting to wake

Since we found that killing criminals, castrating them, or banishing them is
no longer
compatible with the immensely spoiled, luxurious, sedated society we have
right now
(Iran style hangings would be bad for our consumer confidence...) we resort
to the same
instinct for vengeance and punishment, and lock them up. In fact, the big
cause for
incarceration is the overwhelming instinct in humans to disallow those who
are found
enemies (animals, almost the same word) the chance to breed. Likewise, if a
parent is
a found to be criminal (or traitor, heathen, pervert, satanist, whatever) we
ALSO shun
his offspring.

We tolerate the foreign not as equals, expect for after one or two
generations of integration,
but we are wiolling to put up with them as long as they behave very nice,
very modest and
only as long as we live in affluence. In other words, immigrations are
tolerated as chattel
or slaves (or dhimmi) as long as times are good - at the first sign of
famine the mood sours,
the social contract collapses and the gypsies or mexicans or chinese or
maroccans are
sent packing. OR locked in a internment camp.

I started this lengthy diatribe by saying it is weak to act upon this. If we
would be stronger
(and smarter) we'd acknowledge the underlying instinct and cause. Thats why
I assert the
only smart solution, is the clever one

- we need to get rid of the instinct to excude -

If we don't we will keep killing. Its bred in the human genome, the instinct
to judge those
who are different, act with suspicion, persecute, exclude, "tolerate",
punish, seek vengeance
or even resort to genocide.  And it's an irrational impulse mostly. It is an
out of control
instinct. This behavior has become carcenomic.  It might actually end up
killing billions.
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