[ExI] drinkers of coffees and those who leer at pornography

Dagon Gmail dagonweb at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 18:17:29 UTC 2009

I feel great confidence this whole silly Israeli-propaganda business, as in
"we suffered so horribly as a race, we deserve our cake, ten times over, and
to milk the cow for centuries and we are going to get a greater Israel
now now NOW" - is going to collapse really bad. As in explode in their

The problem with humanity right now, those empowered have no way to keep the
hand from the cookie jar once it is open. That goes for me, that goes for
chowing down 3K calories at the Burger King and it goes for the jews, even
they believe themselves to be ten times blessed in the eyes of the lawd. One
day the
free ride will end.

What will happen then? The US will decide to cut down on overheard and call
Israel an unsupportable expense account. It will foment the EU to step
figure it out yourselves. That day the Israeli will be out of sponsorship,
UN votes and luck.

My bet is that magically, the Israeli will start cooperating amazingly
productively with
their Arab neigbors, to amazing mutual benefit, and will prove without a
doubt they
have been playing world politics like a bitch,
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