[ExI] drinkers of coffees and those who leer at pornography

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Sun Mar 22 14:10:43 UTC 2009

Il 21/03/2009 16.17, Jeff Davis ha scritto:

> Oh, by the way, MEMRI is the deepest of deep neo-con and ex-Israeli
> intelligence.

 > They troll the Arab media for the worst of the worst,

The problem with the arab media is that they are aligned with the 
government or they are out of business and in jail (or beaten, of 
killed). In the arab/muslim world there is only the government approved 
media, so what they show, say, support, is the government (and usually 
the people) supported idea.
The only arab country where the media is free is Iraq and I don't 
understand why it is so. Could be the US meddling?

So, when MEMRI make visible and understandable what the arab media of 
Siria, Giordania, Iran, Saudi Arabia and so on write and tell and show, 
they are doing an invaluable job to us that don't know arabic.

Could you point us to some hate filled media in Israel?
Could you point to mainstream

> and then stovepipe it to the American jewish community as the
> mainstream Arab voice.  Like saying David Duke is the American
> mainstream.

Given the last gaffe of BHO about "special Olympic", I'm supposing the 
ONE is not representing the mainstream.

>  Part of the larger and immensely successful (dare I say
> it -- Zionist) program to demonize the Arabs, and keep the American
> jewish community fully hoodwinked and on board.

For me, the mest way to demonize the muslim arabs is to go to their 
websites (a few are in english) and read them.
They are filled with hate for anyone and anything that don't comply with 
their belief and will.

They make an example of an italian proverb: "Il più pulito ha la rogna"
"The cleaner has the mange" (and I'm not talking about some dirty in 
need of soap and water).


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