[ExI] the Battlestar Galactica series finale

Henrique Moraes Machado (CI) cetico.iconoclasta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 12:02:05 UTC 2009

> 2009/3/24 Henrique Moraes Machado (CI) <cetico.iconoclasta at gmail.com>:
>> Loved it.
>> It's the simulation argument romanced and god is the big frakking 
>> computer
>> running it (although it doesn't like that name as hinted by A.I. Gaius).
>> What else could explain Starbuck coming back from the dead with a new 
>> ship
>> in pristine state other than the simulation operators subverting the 
>> rules a
>> bit?
>> BSG is the ultimate Matrix without the silly duracell people and with
>> copious carnage.

Stathis Papaioannou> Any other reasons why you think the writers didn't 
intend that the
> ultimate explanation was supernatural?

If you think nature as the simulated universe in BSG, then the ultimate 
explanation IS in fact supernatural, isn't it?
To BSG's humans and cylons it is.
But to outside viewers, that final scene pretty much gives it up.
That's my interpretation (for I have no way to know what the writers really 
were thinking). For those simulated beings, there's no other way than the 
supernatural explanation. It all depends on where you place your POV.

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