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Tue Mar 24 22:53:07 UTC 2009

> Absolutely nothing, except that it's better public relations; it won't
> upset
> the anti capital punishment hand wringers quite so much. Personally I think
> some people are so evil that the best way to alter their mind is by placing
> a 13 cent bullet in their brain.

And I say someone with this opinion is a victim of hollywood.  People are
not evil. Evil does not exist. I agree, many can be sociopaths, sadists,

Say a human does something horrendous - kill another human alive and
eat it while still alive. That is monstrous by any human standard.

However if a white siberian tiger would do it, it would be an accident, and
would keep it alive, because white siberian tigers are rare. The tiger isn't
evil. But it is dangerous, so we lock it in a cage, feed it, give it some
articles to play with and if it gets restless and starts to eat its own
we actually douse it in huge doses of prozac.

I propose treating the worst of humans as we do the best of animals and
no worse. Let the Chinese and Iranians treat the worst of humans like
they treat livestock. We are not Chinese or Iranians or other assorted
barbarian scum.

Democratic modern western society is best (so far) and I assert that respect
sane detachment is a part for that.
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