[ExI] punishment

John K Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 25 00:37:16 UTC 2009

Dagon Gmail

> someone with this opinion is a victim of hollywood.
>  People are not evil.  Evil does not exist.

It's true that the word "evil" has totally has fallen out of favor, it's not
trendy at all; it's way way out of fashion, everybody on Facebook would
agree. But when somebody tortures a sweet little kid so horribly that he
wans nothing more than to die I think the word "evil" may still retain
 some meaning.

 >if a white siberian tiger would do it [kill]  it would be an accident


> and we would keep it alive, because white siberian tigers are rare.

Precisely. But unfortunately people who think it's a good idea to torture
little children are not rare, they are not an endangered species; as a
result we need a way to deal with them. I can tell you right now that
there is no prefect solution; the best we can hope for is a pretty
good solution. Pretty good.

> The tiger isn't evil. But it is dangerous, so we lock it in a cage

But the cage is pours. For everyone you point to that has been unjustly
executed I could point to a hundred that has committed murder AFTER they
were convicted for their murder; Convicted! Let me repeat that,
CONVICTED and AFTER! To my mind that is an equal failure in the law than
 an innocent man being executed.

> I propose treating the worst of humans as we do the best of animals

I agree.

 John K Clark

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