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Wed Mar 25 11:26:39 UTC 2009

Il 25/03/2009 1.37, John K Clark ha scritto:
> Dagon Gmail

> >if a white siberian tiger would do it [kill] it would be an accident
> Agreed.

The tiger kill on purpose, usually.

>> and we would keep it alive, because white siberian tigers are rare.
> Precisely.

We could keep them alive because they have value for us.
The people living near the tiger would think different.
We could pay to keep it alive and well because they are worth the 
expenses, but there is a limit to these expenses.

> But unfortunately people who think it's a good idea to torture
> little children are not rare, they are not an endangered species;

Mainly it is difficult to tell the difference from good people and bad 
people, where it is much more easy to tell the difference from people 
and tigers. Then the tiger are much less dangerous and we are able to 
manage them better.

>> The tiger isn't evil. But it is dangerous, so we lock it in a cage

Only if we value the tiger.
If it is a dog, we probably will kill it.
If it is a pig, we will kill it for sure.

> But the cage is pours.

This is another problem.

>> I propose treating the worst of humans as we do the best of animals
> I agree.

I respectufully disagree.
The best of the animals must be treated better than the worst of the 
humans, because they have a greater value for me or other humans than 
the worst of the humans.

Between a Ted Bundy or a Jeffrey Damer and my dog, I'm sure what I will 
save and what I will let die.


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