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Wed Mar 25 22:35:51 UTC 2009

Il 25/03/2009 6.35, Lee Corbin ha scritto:
> Mirco (painlord2k at libero.it) wrote:

>> What is the difference from killing someone and altering his/her mind
>> (and maybe body) in a permanent and deep way against his/her will?

> However a change is effected does not affect the identity
> issue. *I* deciding suddenly to become a missionary and
> preach in Africa isn't all that different from you sending
> some nanotech into my brain to effect the same change.

The difference is that the first change is not caused by my will, the 
second it is. So I can always change you again and again, as I will.
The difference is that you have no more a free will (whatever it is) but 
my will (whatever is it).
So there is no more YOU but only ME.
Like with a slave and his master, but the slave is, in this case, a 
simple extension of the master will, he has no more an autonomous will 
of himself. There is no more a self.

> Note that NONE of what I wrote above addresses the *propriety*
> of making said changes; of course we must disapprove of you
> doing this to me while making no protest against a natural
> development in my own personality in this same direction.

Why protest again something that have no free will or any will?
Do you protest against hurricanes? Climate change? Earthquake?

>> In both you have practically erased the person and supplanted him with
>> another person that you (intelligently) designed to suit your standards.

> I dispute your contention that someone has become all that
> different because of a change of heart.

I wrote about a permanent and deep change, but what if it is a small 
change now and another small change after, and another again and again?
It is like eating cherries, one pull another.

> People change all
> the time, sometimes in deep ways.
> But since almost all of
> their memories remain unaffected, they're clearly the same
> people. (At least their friends, children, wives, relatives,
> and the police think so---everyone thinks so, except some
> amateur philosophers who have unfortunately thought about
> this, but not thought about it long enough or well enough.)

It is the difference between being hitted by a rock fallen from a 
mountain cliff and a rock launched by a men with the intent to hit you.
The will of the man is the difference.


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