[ExI] To Arms! (was Re: punishment)

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Mar 26 05:09:48 UTC 2009

Mirco scritto

> Il 25/03/2009 6.35, Lee Corbin ha scritto:
>> Note that NONE of what I wrote above addresses the *propriety*
>> of making said changes; of course we must disapprove of you
>> doing this to me while making no protest against a natural
>> development in my own personality in this same direction.
> Why protest again something that have no free will or any will?
> Do you protest against hurricanes? Climate change? Earthquake?

Actually, although a 100% materialist determinist, I also
believe the concept of free will to have utility. If I do
something because someone holds a gun to my head, or you
send some nanoware into it, then my free will has been
overridden. But if I do something on my own volition, I
can be held responsible for it, and I've always said that
we should say in this case that I freely did it, or that
my free will was operative.

In fact, I *do* protest hurricanes and earthquakes, in the
same sense I protest criminal behavior: I want to do whatever
it takes to stop it.

The gangs control LA. Google for gang areas, LA, etc., and
you'll see their dominions. Next people should read about
the great San Francisco vigilantes, who went into action
when officialdom was hopelessly corrupt and hopelessly
incapable of dealing with the criminal element. They held
very fair trials, acquitted a number of people---and hanged
the rest!

Citizens of LA! Arise! March tomorrow on south central, Eagle
Rock, and all the other areas under gang control. By your
millions you will overwhelm the mere hundred thousand or
so of them! Seize back the city! To arms! Prepare the

This is why the second amendment has let you keep your arms,
don't you see? Just for times like this! Whose city is it
anyway? Theirs or yours?


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