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Il 25/03/2009 14.14, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
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>> The tiger kill on purpose, usually.
> Why, except when it is Driving Under the Influence. :-)
>>>> I propose treating the worst of humans as we do the best of animals
>>> I agree.
>> I respectfully disagree.
>> The best of the animals must be treated better than the worst of the humans,
>> because they have a greater value for me or other humans than the worst of
>> the humans.
> I am inclined to to share Mirko's view, even though I am wary of
> "objectivist", "universal" concepts or good and evil.

I don't know if it is an objectivist concept.

> A good animal is rewarded, a bad human is punished, and it is just
> monotheistic hypocrisy that we are doing it "for his own good".

A good animal is rewarded because its behaviours is valued as good from 
his master.
Why I must save a Ted Bundy, risking he kill, rape or do other mayhem 
again against another fellow human when I can let him die?
Why I must let my dog die when I know it could help and protect me or 
another fellow human?
Why I must exchange the first with the latter?

> Moreover, the contrary, specieist and "humanist" views are just an
> ideological bias.
> Irrespective of what utilitarians may have to say on the subject, and
> as Peter Singer remarks, we go on feeding our pets while human beings
> at the other end of the world may be starving.

Who is the neighbour? Ted Bundy or my dog?

 > This reflects our
> *actual* choice of values, and its taking into account proximity and
> personal relationships over philosophical utilitarianism.

It is also interesting what greens and other "philanthropists" do.
They combat against GM crops and let people starve in poor countries, 
for the good of Gaia, Mother Nature and other fantasies.

This point to their real priorities.


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