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Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Mar 26 04:58:52 UTC 2009

BillK writes

> On 3/25/09, Lee Corbin wrote:
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>>  Actually, I like that. Here, you are quite right, in
>>  my opinion. The gangs are trying to take over from us,
>>  and they don't see anything wrong with genocide. As for
>>  me, I too see nothing wrong with *our* perpetrating
>>  genocide against them. So---here is the big question
>>  for you: if people like me want to eliminate the gangs,
>>  and the gangs want to eliminate people like me who
>>  abide under our laws, whose side are you on?
> I see that you are mainly concerned with violence.

Actually, I *enjoy* very much pointing out to everyone
who'll listen, how *non-violent* our society is.
Thank goodness, too. I've never seen anyone killed or
even beaten up (...well, I did see one or two very
mild fights in junior high).

We need to *celebrate* how non-violent we are, and
how wonderfully successful our institutions are
at providing very high standards of living and no
violence. (Except for the gangs, which need to be
dealt with... yes... violently if they won't come

> But, consider the abandoned neighborhoods that are appearing in US
> cities as unemployment and foreclosures drive people out of their
> homes.
> These forcibly abandoned areas are now being taken over by the gangs
> and drug dealers.

Why not have the army take them over, if for some reason
they're popping up?

> So are the bankers and the lords of creation from Wall Street actually
> working against our society and on behalf of the gangs?

Law of Unintended Consequences, if you ask me. No, the
"lords of creation" (who, I guess are the ones you want
to credit that I was speaking of above, those who have
been elected or who have *freely* chosen one life activity
over another and, up till now, have managed to keep things
humming)... these "lords of creation" you speak of don't
intend to help the gangs, even though you are right that
this is what is happening.

Now in my eyes (and those of plenty of suspicious people),
the government is making a power grab over everything here
in the U.S. Obama and company really don't care a bit about
the economy, so long as (a) they get to expand their power
and the power of the government they run, and (b) they're
able to continue to demonize the opposition, and make the
American fools believe that things would be even worse
without them.

I.e., if things are still in a big mess four years from
now, it will only because, you see, they didn't spend
enough to fix it! The stimulus packages weren't *big enough*!
More power! More power to the government so that it can fix

And why not? They already have everyone hoodwinked to the
point of believing that government is the only solution.


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