[ExI] punishment

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Mar 26 05:45:48 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Lee Corbin
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> More power! More power to the government so that it can fix everything!
> And why not? They already have everyone hoodwinked to the 
> point of believing that government is the only solution... Lee

Lee before we elected the current tragedy I asked people what they thought
government could do for them in their wildest dreams, the very best case.
What would actually change?  Sure there were clearly deluded whackmeisters:


But I am talking only about sane people for the moment.  If we elected the
most perfect, honest, intelligent government imaginable, what could it do?
Could it govern away all our problems?  Would it magically find a huge pot
of money no one ever discovered before, and use it to fill our gas tanks and
pay our mortgages?  Imagine tens of thousands of clones of yourself, holding
every political office, so the government will do whatever you think is
right.  What could a *perfect* government do for everyone?  Would there
still be winners and losers?


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