[ExI] If Politicians were Innocent and Honest

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>  >> Lucifer was an almost perfect being ruled perfectly
> >> by a perfect being, but still he was dissatisfied.
> >> And good for him!
> >
> > Lucifer was a traitorous bastard who deserved to go to
> > hell. And if all those stories are to be believed, then
> > in addition, to this day he still causes mischief and
> > the corruption of souls. And if there is anything we
> > need less of, it's corruption!
> Lucifer was also the archetypal rebel. What annoys me about religion
> (apart from the fact that it isn't true) is that we are expected to
> submit to, worship, praise, obey, love, adore etc. God simply because
> we are his creatures - or else. I think there is something noble in
> characters like Lucifer or Dostoevsky's Ivan Karamazov  who accept
> that God exists but still reject him.

Both are characters in an ancient play - The autocrat King, who makes harsh
and sometimes
ruthless choices in a difficult Kingdom, but we must rest assured that what
the King ordains
is the best course of action ...

... and the bastard, outcast Prince, who lives abroad, most likely in a
depraved place such as
faraway France, does wicked things there (or stands apart in the shadow,
watching as his
courtiers do depraved things) and works against the King, to bring down the
Kingdom out of
pure spite.

The King stands for autocratic rule in the cause of stability, as opposed to
the Hell of civil war
and corruption - the outcast Prince is the corrupt "Bushian" segment of
political and royal
life that works for reasons of self-interest, for select elites or
minorities (jews, homosexuals,
intellectuals, cityfolk, foreigners) and cultivates, out of pride, boredom
or conceit, values
that erode the social fabric of the Kingdom.

Humans, "commoners" have an impossible choice - support the King. Or do not.
If you
do not, the Prince comes, makes a mess of things, and we yearn back for the
good old days
when The King created order, dished out particularly ruthless sentences, but
"at least the
trains ran on time".

This symbolism and its historical context, it disgusts me. If I were
appointed a player in
this stage, I'd revolt, have the King arrested and live out his days under
house arrest and a
sober regimen of 2500 calories a day and brisk walks escorted by a mute and
deaf negro
called Sam, whereas I'd have the Prince extradited, sentenced to servitude
as collared
janitor in a  home for elderly and incontinent nuns.
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